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When we got back to our place after about two hours which I reckoned was enough time for her to get a bit tiddly after a few whisky & lemonades and get some sexy clothes we noticed the lounge main lights were off and only a table lamp was on making it fairly dark.She was lying there on our settee pretending to be asleep waiting for us.

I took the glass and made myself comfortable on the sofa. And that Australian TV show animal hunter - Steve Irwin, is it? \ Roger said, with a look of concern on his face, as if he had done something wrong. He was just sitting there across from Wendy and I, looking us up and down. You could almost feel the anticipation in his gaze, the lust. The light of the candle was shining against his expensive looking black leather shoes. The expression on his face was as though he was the cat that had eaten all the cream.\Mmm, I\'ve never seen anything sexier,\ he croaked through a dry throat.\I\'m glad,\ Wendy purred, as her hand slid down between her legs to cup her pussy.\So, babe,\ she said, as she gently began to rub herself, \what should we do now?

She was still holding the cock in her hand as she lifted her head to me.

Then with a light smacking sound, Wendy\'s let it slip out of her mouth.

In the 1970s Me and my pal Frankie were a couple of horny buggers, always having the latest \'dirty books\' like Escort & Fiesta, Whitehouse etc plus when we got the chance wed watch Porn films on a Super8 projector .

I was an amateur photographer as well so developed all my own photos, then I used to tease Frankie with sexy photos of my wife Joan showing her shaved fanny or baring her tits which were about 36cs.

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