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When Jackson gets going on a topic, he can slip into a preacher’s cadence. “My faith is such a large part of who I am because, hey — all the data says I’m not supposed to be here,” he said, in one of two lengthy Globe interviews for this profile.“In the ’90s when I was growing up, the mentality was that boys who looked like me didn’t live past 25.“I’ve been blessed.Herb Jackson, who died in 2002 at age 63, opened one of the city’s first black-owned cab companies and was an environmentalist who ran a recycling business.His evenings were busy with neighborhood meetings, to which he sometimes brought young Tito.

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The 42-year-old councilor is at ease speaking on race and class, equally comfortable in City Hall’s corridors of power or shaking hands along the toughest streets of his district, where he has lived nearly all his life.He would rant about illegal dumping in Roxbury and was known to pick through trash looking for clues to who left it.He had a dedicated phone line in his house for community-related calls.A doctor had asked him to track down his family medical history; the adoption agency revealed to him that his mother was a 13-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted by two men, Jackson said. “At that time it was not typical for children to have children. He recalls one embarrassing service when he got the passages late, didn’t have time to practice, and stumbled over big words and long names.I’m eternally grateful.”The circumstances of his birth also suggest his biological father was a rapist. He recalled that when he got the news about his birth mother, he was in training at a sexual harassment and rape prevention program. He felt down on himself, until a congregant kindly sought him out to say he did a great job — he just needed to work on his pronunciations.

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