Dating red zones

Researchers say the scrapping of Leith’s prostitution tolerance zone has led to a 15-fold increase in attacks on women and has simply driven prostitutes into back streets.The zone was abolished in 2001 after it was moved to a different part of the city.But it now appears that evidence of rising attacks on prostitutes since Scotland’s first unofficial tolerance zone in Leith, Edinburgh, was scrapped may be changing ministerial minds.There is also less political pressure on Labour MSPs to resist the zones now the Holyrood election is behind them.Yesterday Mac Donald, who has introduced a revised Bill, said she had detected a softening in Executive thinking on the issue.She believes police are concerned that it has become more difficult to obtain intelligence on the sex trade since the Leith tolerance zone was scrapped.Though revisions to the Policy of Freedom of Expression are still only a possibility at the time, students and faculty remain split in their support and predictions of what the bill could do for students if passed.“The campus and its protections really exist for the student body,” Wilhelm said.

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Washington’s ace right-hander became the 10th pitcher to win at least three Cy Young Awards.

Militant Christian Media preacher John Williams, 39, from Cincinnati, Ohio, yells at a crowd on the lawn between the Tate Student Center and Zell B.

Miller Learning Center on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Georgia, on Monday, Oct. The preachers' words cultivated a large gathering of students and incited often-pointed dialogue between the preachers and students.

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If the Bill is passed, it could see the creation of legal red-light districts in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee.

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