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Not surprisingly, the smaller cities boasted fewer restaurants in general, and Lancaster once again fell at the bottom with a mere seven “romantic restaurants.” Compare that to a place like San Francisco or Los Angeles with a over 1,000 romantic restaurants, and it leaves you wondering, seriously, what do single people do in Lancaster? Chances are, not that often—and if this is a regular occurrence for you, may I ask you to please keep your eyes on the road?

In researching this post, I came across an awful lot of articles about the best cities to be “rich and single.” Places like Manhattan and Hermosa Beach were at the top of the California lists; but let’s face it, not all of us can afford the price tag that comes along with this. Cost of Living Index, we set out to find the most affordable California cities. For most of us, it is far easier to bump into someone interesting in a city where we don’t have to drive everywhere.

The most walking and public transportation friendly cities were San Francisco, Oakland, and little pockets of Los Angeles.

However, in cities like Modesto, Huntington Beach, and Rancho Cucamonga, the only bumping into people on the way to work you’ll be doing will probably be fender benders—over 80 percent of these populations drive to work.

As a matter of fact, the main reason San Francisco was not higher on our list was because of the average cost of living there. In order to find out a city’s walkability, we used the U. Census to look up the percent of each city’s population that commuted to work by driving (i.e.

not walking, not biking, and not using public transportation).

After all, once you’ve picked up that special someone at a bar, you’ll need some good restaurant options—or at least a good place to take them to breakfast the next day. cost of living is 100—anything above 100 is more than normal, anything below, is below. There was only one city in California’s largest 30 that fell below 100 (Anaheim), while most were well above. How many times have you been in your car driving to work, and met just the cutest girl or guy?

Comedians love to joke with the front rows, so watch where you sit!

The Ontario Improv always provides a night of great laughs and fun, relaxing entertainment.

And two: It’s probably best not to move to Santa Clarita—that place is singles hell… The Movoto blog is a service of Movoto Real Estate. We have up-to-date real estate listings and local agents throughout the country.

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