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Also, Friday at 6 p.m., you will hear from the families of the criminals' victims, who said they are outraged at the freedom the inmates were experiencing.You will also learn how as a result of our investigation, state investigations were launched in fourteen prisons and how 70 inmates were disciplined.

Convicted murderer Rivera Peoples posted pictures and video, showing off the contraband i Phone he somehow got in prison to operate his Facebook page.One photo shows an inmate showing 0 while in prison and another inmate shared that same photo on his Facebook wall.In a different video, Peoples shows himself and other criminals in the prison yard during the day."I guarantee you, when the commissioner sees this, there's going to be a reckoning. The Channel 4 I-Team released all our findings to the state department of correction and assistant commissioner Tony Parker, who is charge of security in state prisons."These are murderers, rapists, other convicted criminals and they appear to be having a pretty good time in prison," asked chief investigative reporter Jeremy Finley. But it's a problem we face every day," said Parker.

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