Mexican renter intimidating landlord computers not updating from wsus

The tenant took me to town on damp issues — blocking entry, switching off heating, calling Police, etc.

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Even if the tenant is violating the lease agreement or the landlord has decided not to renew the lease agreement when it expires, there is no excuse and no valid reason for landlords to harass tenants.

Another aspect of landlord harassment happens when the tenant has complained about the landlord to the building owner, an apartment association or government agency.

It’s called landlord retaliation and is recognized by the law as behavior designed to punish a tenant for properly filing a valid complaint or organizing or joining a tenant union or similar group.

Although these things are perfectly acceptable for landlords to do when there are no issues between them and the tenant, they can be seen as an act of retaliation when performed soon after a tenant complaint.

The courts automatically recognize such action taken by a landlord (typically within six months) after tenant action as retaliation.

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