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Thousands of messages telling people to "help make history and vote yes for a fairer Australia" have been sent this weekend, prompting many to ask how the campaign got their phone numbers.Alex Greenwich, co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality, said the text messages were sent using a "technology platform" used by political parties during elections campaigns for years.“Our staff and the educators we work with in the field have found the clinic locator to be very beneficial for young people, especially those that live in rural areas of the state and are uncertain about where to go for these types of services,” said Kristin Fairholm, the Executive Director of Eyes Open Iowa.“It also provides them with assistance in a neighboring town if they are uncomfortable using their local clinic, due to knowing the staff or even being related to them, which is often a barrier for teens in small towns to access services confidentially.” To learn more, visit the Tx T website, or check out the video below.

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Here’s how it works: The clinic locator was launched in the summer, but Tx T has already seen an uptick in use, tied to students’ return to school.

The text messages, sent through a randomised computer generator, have sparked some concerns about privacy and whether mobile phone numbers had been kept on a database.

But Ms Plibersek defended the text message campaign on Insiders on Sunday morning, saying it paled in comparison to some techniques being used by the "no" campaign."One of the things that is most irritating about this is people who are getting their goat up about the SMS messages coming out urging a Yes vote," she said.

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