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"We were all evicted and I didn't want to live in senior housing," said one woman, who described herself as a long-time vegan who likes to meditate.

Another received a no-cause eviction and needs a place by October. Susan Milch is seeking a roommate because rent for her two-bedroom apartment has "skyrocketed." "This is brand new to me," she said.

First-time visitor Milch started a conversation with Marilyn Chalmers, an older widow like herself, who currently rents the first floor of a duplex.

"It's been a lovely arrangement but I'd like to downsize and find more companionship," Chalmers said.

Sandra Jacobson and her husband own a home in Gresham."I really do feel like this program meets that deeper need for connection and human interaction," Burkey said.It might create a community among people who, "in life, your circles never crossed, but Metro Home Share brought you together." After introductions, Saturday's Taborspace attendees were given time to mingle.Online at letssharehousing.com, users can fill out a profile for free but pay a fee to initiate contact with a potential housing match.Fiasca's business began as a way for aging baby boomers to find affordable housing and companionship.

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