Updating windows media player for vista

If you own a portable media player, you can alternatively sync all the media files to such player and carry it with you to enjoy music on the move.

This open source cross-platform software will run pretty much any audio or video file that you throw at it thanks to its huge codec support VLC can play video files, webcams, streams and more. Alternately, you could use other default Windows applications. The latter also comes with a store and streaming service, but you can just use it to manage your local music collection if you desire.

If you already have Windows Media Player 10 installed on your PC, and you like to upgrade, then find below an easy method to download or update to WMP 11.

If you are on Windows XP or Vista, we earlier covered an article on how to download and use If you are on windows 7, you will already have the latest version of Microsoft’s free multimedia player that comes bundled together with the OS!

You may experience these in the “Now playing Mode” of the media player.

Other than skins and visualizations, One of the significant personalization features offered by WMP is the number of plug-ins to enhance the quality of DVD playback and audio effects.

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