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Now they're making more claims, including one particularly insulting one for an actor with such a career.They say he doesn't learn his lines but instead pays a technician to feed them to him over an earpiece!Heard, who is now linked to Tesla boss Elon Musk, filed for divorce last May and accused the actor of domestic abuse.Their divorce was finalised in January this year with a million settlement for Heard.The reports the latest legal docs include the claim that Johnny spends "hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ a full-time sound engineer, who Depp has used for years to feed him lines during film production." And as a further dig: "Depp would be hard pressed to find a single bottle of wine that he purchased during his tenure with TMG that he or his various companions have not yet consumed.Wine is not an investment if you drink it as soon as you buy it." Who wrote these legal docs? Video: Susan Sarandon Reignites Feud With 'Not Well Informed' Debra Messing Though it's not just insults they're hurling.(We're speaking in terms of recognizability here, not bankability.) So short of actually morphing into Steve Bannon, there's very little that Depp could do that would make him unattractive to all women.However, his days of attracting young female celebrities may have come to end.

star sued The Management Group for mis-managing his finances, costing him millions.

You're no good at this game."When the question about the strange hook-up place failed, the chat-show host decided to grill her guest further. " she asked, to which the 53-year-old actor swiftly answered - actress Carol Channing.

The round of awkward answers continued as the show host put Depp on the hot seat and fired him with bizarre questions.

While Depp may not have been too honest with his responses, he was right on point with entertainment.

The actor, who recently finalised his divorce from ex-wife Heard after much back and forth, is also said to be gradually returning to the dating scene.

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